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ANDERSON C. 3/30/18485/17/1896  
ATKINS Johnnie A.     
ATKINS Myrtle Maude Wooton     
BARTON Winnie T.     
BIGHAM John H. 9/5/18553/27/1912"J.H." - Son of L.H. BighamNear LH Bigham Grave
BIGHAM Lawson H.3/2/182210/29/1879"L.H." - Father of John H., Mary A.A., and Laura BighamNorthwest Area of Cem
BOGGUS Edith P.    Near the Back of Cemetery
BONEY Harvey W.     
BONEY Alice Alzora Hughes     
BONEY John Henry William     
BONEY J. I. P.     
BRIDGES Mrs. S. A. 18282/17/1877  
BURROW T. W     
CARMAN Infant     
CARMAN Mary E.     
CARMAN Minnie M.     
CARMAN W.F.     
COLLINS Annie Pearl     
COLLINS Earl C.     
COLLINS James M. 2/28/18285/3/1889  
CARMAN W. F.     
CARMAN Mary E.     
CRADDOCK Isham     
CRADDOCK Mary F.     
CRADDOCK Mary Jane     
CRADDOCK Infant     
CUSTER James Melrose     
CUSTER Thomas Alvin     
DOBBINS Claude Albert 5/1/1884 10/29/1955 
DOBBINS Mollie 18781900(06) Sandstone
DOBBINS Rosa T. 3/15/18653/8/1900  
DRENNON Tennessee 18531939"Tennie"Funeral Home Marker
GAILEY Mary Ann Ada Bigham 2/19/18657/14/1904Daughter of LH Bigham - First Wife of J.W. Gailey"Mary A.A." - Far Right Side of Cem
GIPSON Harry & Larry     
GIPSON Shirley Emma 19411941 Strawn Merchandise Marker
GORLEY Tom 9/11/18551/12/1931 Far Middle/Left of Cemetery
GUEST John Martin6/11/19078/15/1911Son of William Paton Guest and Dovie Palace George GuestBack Left of Cemetery
HARMON Anderson     
HARMON Elizabeth     
HARMON Mary Jane     
HARMON Virginia May     
HARMON William F.     
HARRIS D. A     
HARRIS George     
HARRIS Elizabeth M. 10/31/188812/3/1892Child of D.A. and M.P. 
HOUSTON W. B. 6/29/18??(32)5/8/????  
HUGHES Earl C.     
HUGHES Eugene E.     
ISENBERG Peter     
JENNE Mary Frances     
JENNE Sarah Ellen Torrance     
JENNE William Fuller     
JOHNSON A. F. 6/8/18493/7/1896  
JOHNSON Jessie M.     
JOHNSON Johnnie19011918Parents from Dublin TXGrave in far back with Funeral Marker
JOHNSON Venia     
JOHNSON Nancy J. 18521926 Funeral Home Marker (Metal)
JOHNSON William A. 18441918 Funeral Home Marker (Metal)
KETCHERSID Georgia Pearl     
KITCHEN L. H.     
KITCHES Clarky Matilda     
KITCHENS John G. 2/3/187812/30/1934Woodmen of the World 
KITCHENS Frank Archibald192011/24/1944 WWII Liscome Bay Casualty 
KITCHENS Laura A.     
KITCHENS Lillie B.     
KITCHENS Minnie     
LAMB Bevlahmay     
LEE _____     
McCOMBS Mary     
MITCHELL Annie E.     
MITCHELL Cora Leora     
MITCHELL David Floid 10/11/18962/16/1902  
MITCHELL Horace G.     
MITCHELL John T.     
MITCHELL Lee O. 8/8/18767/26/1890  
MITCHELL Theresa M. 12/25/18334/5/1903Wife of Rev. JM Mitchell 
MULLER Henry     
NORWOOD Charles Edmond     
POLLARD Eddie W. 3/1/19063/20/1906Son of J.T. and L.O. 
POLLARD H.O. 9/18/19119/14/1912  
POLLARD Harvey Lowell     
POLLARD Ira 2/28/19055/10/1906  
PRUITT Baby 8/1/19018/4/1901  
SALYERS Leone Elizabeth 3/18/19016/??/1901Last name my be Salvers (Dau of FM and SE) 
SCOTT Mary     
SIMS Efton Ray 1/17/18943/20/1914 Double Stone with Robert
SIMS Robert Louis 2/2/190011/7/1918 Double Stone with Efton
SMITH H. T.     
SMITH J. N. 1/16/18577/29/1921  
SMITH Nancy Rachel     
SMITH Permelia Jane Tuder Gailey 2/22/18422/29/1880"P.J." - Mother of Jane, J.W., Asa Nelson, and S. Annie Smith 
SPENCER Fay 7/18/190112/9/1903  
STAYTON Clude (Cruda)     
TAGGETT J. W.     
TOWNZEN T. T.     
TOWNZEN Apline S. (Elliott)     
TOWNZEN Jimmie S.     
TOWNZEN L. E.     
TOWNZEN Mary J.     
TOWNZEN Thomas A.     
TUDER Elmer Hezikiah8/1/190210/23/1928Son of W.H. Tuder (Grandson of J.E.D. Tuder)  
TUDER Jessie9/22/190410/10/1905Son of W.H. Tuder (Grandson of J.E.D. Tuder)  
TUDER Nicholas Francis Marion7/21/18448/3/1895"N. F. M." 
TUDER Sally A.11/3/18158/11/1874"S. A." 2nd Wife of William Daniel Tuder (Oldest Marked Grave) 
TUDER William Henry18491/7/1910"Rev. W.H." 
TUDER William Daniel4/13/182112/31/1876Father of Permelia/JED/NFM/WH/Rosannah 
TUDOR Caroline9/14/18308/16/1909Third Wife of William D. TuderNear Front of Cem
TUDER Mary M.3/20/18787/8/1879Daughter of JED and M.E. Tuder  
TUDER M. E. 1/8/18622/10/1884Wife of J.E.D. Tuder 
TUDER James Edward Daniel 3/7/185112/10/1906"J. E. D." 
WOOTON James     
WOOTON Janettie Hollingsworth Hughes     
WOOTON James John Henry     
WOOTON Minnie Kitchens     
WOOTON Myrtle     

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